About us

GOLDEN FLEECE DESIGNS,INC. is more than a manufacturer. It is the culmination of ideals and standards gained in Forty Years of service in the United States of America. It is a manufacturing establishment where reality outruns anticipation, an exclusive collection of speciality products that defy comparison. The year was 1970, when I decided to terminate my engineering employment with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and with my wife, Antoinette, our senior designer, we set our goals to develop a company that would cater to the Marine Industry and the hobby that we enjoy the most, sailing and, in general, pleasure boating. Thus, on July 20,1970, Golden Fleece Designs, Inc. opened its doors in Burbank, California. From the first, it was considered extraordinary; the first complete Marine Canvas Accessories Manufacturer and Wholesaler in the country, catering to a pampered and appreciative clientele. Although Golden Fleece Designs, Inc. is regarded as one of the finest Marine Canvas Accessori Manufacturers in the world, our efforts never cease to make it finer, more beautiful, even more complete. Forty Years later, after the world experienced the first manned landing on the moon by the Apollo crew, eight United States presidents, at least two major economic recessions and many bank failures, due to improper management and incompetent bankers (unfortunately, some of them are still around), we are celebrating our company's "Forty Years" of accomplishments with the publication of our latest unique, and what we believe, complete canvas products and marine accessories catalog. Our goal was to create a company that was unique, an industry within an industry, which we believe we have accomplished.

Symeon Argyropoulos, PE.

Pananori In recent years, we have expanded our company by adding silkscreening and embroidery departments. We also have expanded to different areas, such as the Advertising and Promotional Specialties, as well as the United States Government General Services Administration and the Department of Defense. We found a need and a great challenge, in our new ventures, because we have the opportunity to create and develop products according to our customers' requirements and specifications In the year of 2002 M. Andonia Company, Specializing in Ladies Designer Handbags, was established by our daughter Maria Argyropoulas a former Creative Designer for the Walt Disney Company. She is also a recipient of numerous design awards. She also won an artistic competition award and represented the USA in Zurich in the 50th year celebration of Unicef. Our belief is in what our label reads: "Made in the USA", which we display proudly. We firmly believe that most of the products sold in the American market should be made in the United States of America and meet the quality standards demanded by the consumer. We extend our sincere appreciation to our many loyal customers, many of whom have been with us since the very existence of our company. We also express our gratitude to our many suppliers who have helped us grow. Also, our appreciation is extended to our many loyal employees, most of whom have been with us since the company's establishment. They have been very instrumental in the growth of the company, and in what we are presenting to you today All this and more is Golden Fleece Designs, nc. Because it is patrons like you who make possible the realization of the goals we set, we present to you, with appreciation, our "Forty Years" anniversary collection of 300 pages of the RARE, the BEAUTIFUL, the UNUSUAL We begin with a portfolio of treasures from throughout our manufacturing and warehousing plant, selections which we believe beyond doubt, that Golden Fleece Designs, Inc., is today as unique and as vital as it was Forty Years ago. For today it represents the past, present and future, a subtle blend of the traditional and contemporary. In short, a legend still.